Bar Fly Bike

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Developed in collaboration with downhill mountain bike legend, Chris Kovarik in Whistler BC. Designed to keep your bike quiet and efficient whilst minimizing wear. 

The STFU Bike drive-train dampers contain your chain when things get rough - preventing chain slap and noise from your frame but also preventing your chain from over-extending sideways - decreasing wear and extending chain life.

Under tension from pedaling the chain remains completely clear of the STFU Bike units for complete efficiency.

Who are we ?

Founded in 2016 Rosevelo was born from a need to offer a first class service to the UK Cycle Industry. We are small team based in Gloucestershire and have a combined experience of over 40 years. Our strengths come from time spent in the IBD sector, distribution, sales, customer service and marketing. With this experience we have an understanding of IBD’s requirements as well as online retailers. Rosevelo are the UK face of Felt Bicycles and the distributor for BarFly Bike.

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